Beautiful Day

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Quiet Writing Place for Mama

"Writing is a way of slowing us down and opening our eyes to see what we do not otherwise see."
~John Piper
This is my week to give attention to ordering my home.  It has been a very full summer of events and fellowship--which has been wonderful, if at times a bit breathless!  So now my house needs some TLC as we start to look toward the school year.  I'm really not so ready for that yet.  I'd rather spend time savoring the summer while it lasts.  But a little planning is necessary to get where we are aiming.  And it cannot be all done at once.  A little here, a little there.
I was inspired to de-clutter, re-organize, and spend a little time locating some specific furnishings to help me reach my goal.  As I had a little bit of birthday money, I took Country Girl and Young Warrior on an outing to our favorite local antique store.  After getting a little sidetracked by a costume store on the way, (going through racks of Civil War gowns, officers' uniforms, Victorian and Colonial dresses!), we arrived at our destination and the browsing began.
I found a couple of things I was looking for at reasonable prices.  Today I will highlight my new little writing desk corner.  I had wanted one of these little secretary desks for quite awhile.  I love to write and I suppose I have this romantic sort of vision of ladies in history (or BBC movies set in England?) sitting at their writing desks to pen precious letters to loved ones.  So when I spotted this one, it seemed like the perfect size, color and price!  I love its simplicity.  And this old Victorian chair goes so nicely with it. 
After a little bit of furniture rearrangement, I found just the right corner for it.  Though ideally I would probably like this in my bedroom, right now it does not fit so well.  I think its location in one of our main living areas will be suitable.  My main challenge here might be that it is not always so quiet.  But the children know that this is Mama's quiet corner and not a place for them to play.
I also found the painting and the lamp at the same antique mall, and they add just the right touch!

I added the little chalkboard frame which I created for a baby shower that I hosted last week.  I plan to use it to highlight verses I am studying and want to consider and meditate on for a longer time.
It has been a delight to have this space for my quiet times and Bible study!  I am so thankful for the Lord's provision of this desk.  It is truly a little writing haven for Mama.  A place of beauty, and a place to minister from (and be ministered to as well).
And now....I am surely hoping to be inspired in my correspondence.  I have many thank-you notes to catch up on.  I look forward to moments of writing good old-fashioned handwritten notes and letters to dear friends and family, near and far.

"I know not how the light is shed,
Nor understand this lens.
I only know that there are eyes
In pencils and in pens."
~John Piper


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