Beautiful Day

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Light, Winter Bright

Country Girl says she wishes that every winter were like this one.  No, we don't live where the temperatures have been sub-zero or in the polar vortex.  I don't think we would say the same if we lived there.  But we have had a delightful mix of weather and a little of everything this winter, and I think I'm inclined to agree with my Country Girl.

Just enough snow to make children happy (which is actually quite a lot for around here!)
It's true...our Christmas lights are still up.  And we're even known to still turn them on.  They are white, and we just so like how a touch of light brightens the dark, long days of winter and carries us through until the light of springtime breaks through.

The hummingbirds are having a bit of a tough time maneuvering the winds, but when they do, they are rewarded.  Adventure Girl keeps them supplied, and even thaws their feeder periodically during the day.

I am quite contented to stay warm and to enjoy the cozy fire.  Today I am trying out a new sourdough bread recipe, and it is rising, slowly but surely, atop the pellet stove.  I like the slowing that snow brings.  Lately my head has been swarming with many things to think through this year....graduation, travel plans, hopes and dreams.  And oh yes, the everyday planning of meals, celebrations, what each person needs,etc.  I will still need to tend those, but appreciate how just the presence of this white and drifting snow makes me feel slower and calmer.

Another bright spot of winter for me....knitting.  I just finished this sweater vest for Littlest Warrior.  Can you see the owls?  They are his favorite!  I think I will always remember this season and his love for these creatures, and hope that it drives me to pray he will ever grow in wisdom.  Now I 'm pondering my next knitting project(s).  They are a bit ambitious, but I remain hopeful.

Still another bright spot of winter is that we have made it a tradition to go to the ocean at least once.  Always in search of the sun when the fog sets in at home just a little too long!  Oh how glorious this day was!  Find the sun we did and we spent the day walking, talking, playing, and even squishing sand in our toes (yes, it was warm enough to do that!)  I didn't plan for little ones getting wet, but they could not resist splashing their legs and feet in the tumbling waves on shore.

We found this long piece of sea kelp and found that it makes a perfect jump rope.  And I can still jump rope!

Being at the shore always creates this little flutter in our hearts, because we met there!  If ever there was something to bring light to our hearts in the midst of winter, there it is!

Wishing you bright moments and the light of Him who brings them in your winter days!


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