Beautiful Day

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In Search

Look what we found...

No, it's not the seagulls, though we did indeed find them.  And we would have liked to do a happy dance like theirs at our discovery.

It's not driftwood, though Young Warrior sure had fun making himself a fort among the rocks.

It's not crabs, though the children enjoyed watching the "fishermen" on the bay casting their crab-catching cages and reeling in these amazing creatures.
It's not seashells, though we love to find them and search for treasures in the sand.
Do you see the hints of it?  The gleaming water?  The shadows?  That certain sparkle?
There it is again, framing this surfer, of which there were many out on this day.
Surely the blue sky gives it away now!  Oh, it really is GLORIOUS when you haven't seen it for a good couple of weeks.  It's particularly glorious in THIS place!
And best of all, it's GLORIOUS when it illumines the ones you love engulfed in their own little bit of mirth.  Lips are indeed funny things.

Surely by now you've guessed?  Why, it's the SUN of course!  We've been missing it around here, stuck in a freezing fog.  We took a family day to find it and it was so worth finding.  Yes, we're still wrapped in coats at winter's brisk air, but it's ever so much better when sharing walks at the seaside with loved ones and feeling the warmth of that long-lost friend shining down on our faces.

So many wonders in God's creation to enjoy.  It was a perfect day to stay awake to it all.

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