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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Season of Celebration Begins

I recognize that in most American households, the traditional "holiday season" begins at about Thanksgiving.  Since we have been blessed with several autumn birthdays, it feels to me as though our celebrations begin around the middle of September, and continue straight on through until New Year's!  It makes it both extra fun, and perhaps extra busy.  But busy in a wonderful way.  For autumn is my favorite season.  I think those babies born in the fall have something to do with that.  Add to this mix, preparations for National Bible Bee and a big family trip to get there, the "every-dailies" of life and school and well, it is a little bit nonstop this year.  We are truly enjoying the journey, though!

Littlest Warrior had the first birthday of the season.  I like to do at least one literature-based birthday theme in my each of my children's lives.  To say we love good books and reading is an understatement!  Over the years I have done "Madeline," "Winnie-the-Pooh," "Curious George," "Rainbow Fish," and "Goodnight Moon."  All of these were chosen because they were that child's favorite at the time.  This year we had an owl theme based on the book "Owl Babies."  He discovered this book from our library stack several months ago and his big sister read it to him so many times that she memorized it.  He developed his own word for the name of this story, which is a special "inside-family" memory.  This same word he uses whenever he sees an owl.  Even though he also knows how to say the word, "owl."  Toddler language simply melts my heart!

Here is my rendition, in birthday cake glory, of the cover of the storybook.  He knew exactly what it was and he was SO excited!! (I taught myself, through a correspondence course years ago in early married life, the basic art of cake decorating and it has been one of the most useful skills I've ever learned to bless my family, and others, with beauty and fun!)

We also made these cute little cookies that I found by the inspiration of Pinterest.

I have mentioned before how much I treasure making handmade gifts for my loved ones, and this birthday was no exception.  I started off with a chalkboard placemat on which I wrote a birthday message to greet him in the morning.

And I finally finished this adorable pumpkin hat, which I actually began a year ago!  I made some little adaptations along the way to be sure it would still fit, and I just love how it turned out.
And then there was this last-minute inspiration that I could not resist!  A most-adorable owl hat!  He wasn't too sure about wearing it at first.  But he likes to wear it most when someone reads him the story and if someone else will wear a hat at the same time.   My favorite is when Tender Warrior puts the pumpkin hat atop his own head, while Little One wears his owl hat.
Aside from the actual birthday and holiday celebrations, I always look forward to this season because it brings an extra enthusiasm for our read-aloud time.  Not that we aren't always enthusiastic about this very favorite time in our day, but some seasons and some books are more inspiring than others for both Mama and children.  I am sure that you can relate.
More celebrations to come soon! 

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