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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rocket Launch

In May and June some of the children worked on building rockets with their American Heritage Girls and Trail Life USA Boys groups. If you have not heard of these organizations, they are Christian-based scouting programs.  Some local groups started this year, and our children are enjoying the challenge of working toward badge requirements and gaining skills.

After the rocket projects were completed, the troops scheduled a launch day for the finale and excitement of seeing them in action.  This was a fun father-son and father-daughter project.

Warrior boys set up their launch pad.

 While Littlest Warrior looks on, busy with popsicle.

There were a few scrapped launches, but eventually everyone was successful at getting their rocket to the sky.

And then the fun of chasing down the parachuting rocket.  In some cases, the parachutes did not open, so they fell quite fast.  Also, it was rather a breezy day.  If the rocket was not aimed well into the wind, they were at risk of landing in someone's backyard outside the park!  My Warrior meteorologist did a great job making sure the rockets were launched the right direction.  We did have one that landed right at about the fence, but was still "in-bounds!"

Adventure Girl, true to her patriotic self, chose a rocket model called "Freedom" and painted it a lovely red, white, blue and gold.

Ready for the launch countdown!

We have liftoff!

Well, I know it's hard to see in this picture, but there really is a rocket returning to the ground in there!

Altogether, a very successful day of enjoying the hard work spent on a project together, and watching it do what it was designed to!

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