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Thursday, January 21, 2016

13th Birthday Celebration

Though every birthday is special, in our household turning 13 is one of the milestone ones.  Young Warrior's birthday is one of those precious ones that fall right in the midst of the Christmas season.  We all know that means it is a challenge to make sure it doesn't get overlooked or just swept into Christmas altogether.

So I went for it and opted to celebrate very close to his birthday, which meant it was a bit crazy getting ready for both "holidays" at the same time.  I briefly thought about postponing until January because then, I reasoned, people would be less busy.  But, I knew WE wouldn't be less busy, so it was best to just do it!

 I mentioned in my previous post that this book sparked the theme for his birthday.  I had previously read of a clever and honoring birthday idea for a young man turning 13, but I knew I would need to adapt and find my own. We want our young man to grow into a COURAGEOUS man, walking in the LIGHT of God's truth and grace.  And it just so happened that our pastor had recently joined these two themes together in a sermon on John 1, stating that, "The light gives us courage!"  Perfect!

I wanted to tie it into a physical activity that would be fun and engaging for Young Warrior and his friends.  Because, well, we all know that boys thrive on that!!  The local climbing center at the university was just the right choice!  It represented climbing on, developing character and strength as a young man.  The fathers and sons enjoyed it immensely!

Post-climbing, all the party guests reconvened at our house for refreshment and a time to honor our Young Warrior.  Let's just say that many boys in your house makes for a lot of noise!  (I laughed to myself and with my daughters, as I served dinner.  I mistakenly thought that food would mean a quiet lull in the activity level that would occupy at least 30 minutes.  Silly me!  It was more like 10 minutes, and then back to playing and noise!  I forget that food is a refueling station for boys, not an event to linger over surrounded by conversation and laughter!)

The luminaries were so fun to highlight the theme of light, and letting your light shine.  I accented a bit of an outdoor woodland theme as well. 

And this was PERFECT cake for the event!  SO. VERY. EASY.  and just plain FUN!

 I captured quotes and Bible verses artistically illustrated to display in a banner.

We concluded the evening with a time to honor Young Warrior by sharing 13 things we love about him.  Then enjoyed a slideshow of his first 13 years.  Always a joy to recount the memories, and to see all that God is doing in our young man's life!  

So very GRATEFUL for my son!

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