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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Crafting---Glitter Cards

We are finally making time to do some of those much-anticipated craft projects .  I treasure these times because, like our read-aloud times, they are moments where EVERYONE wants to join in the fun.  Eager hands come to the table and little ones learn to be patient for their turn to have Mommy's attention for their own project.

What is Christmas without glitter?  Remember the days?  Oh, I loved this stuff when I was a child and my children love it just as much.  Day One was card-making.  Out came the blank cards, glue, and several colors of that magical shiny glitter that transforms everything!

Glitter, glitter everywhere!  Christmas trees, candy canes, Stars of Bethlehem, snowmen, snowflakes, holly and even nativity scenes (this one was a little tricky but Little Princess insisted on Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus on her card so I must oblige to such a scene as this!  With a little help from Tomie dePaola)

Country Girls are a bit more sophisticated in their designs.

When all is done, we have quite a number of cards all over the dining room table.  I think they're beautiful in all their simplicity.

Oh, and at the end of the day, I quickly put together these little guys.

I was a little caught off-guard by how fast St. Nicholas Day came around this year.  Plus I had some sick little ones on that day.  So when I took a little belated visit to St. Nicholas Center I found this idea and adapted it to something I liked better.  I think they're rather cute myself.  And I'm happy to be making them even if I am a little behind.  They will be ready for next Saint Nicholas Day!

I hope you are making time this season for fun projects with your children.  It passes so quickly.  I am about ready for Christmas to last 3 more months just to enjoy the sparkly lights and beautiful decorations throughout the dark days of winter.  And if I had my way, we would probably ONLY make crafts and read every day!  (Okay, we'd bake and eat too).

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  1. I can't wait until my grandchildren are older and we can make some fun craft projects.



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