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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Perfect Bookshelf Solution

In the early fall, as school preparations were in full swing, I noticed this grand idea in a few places around the internet.  I tucked it away as something I thought would be perfect for my Princesses' bunk bed.  You see, we are a little bookish around here (rather, A LOT bookish to be sure)!  And as a result, we have this problem.  Books all over the bed, stacked at the foot of the bed.

I also believe in each child having their own spot to display a few of their own things.  So when I saw it, I fell in love with the idea.  What is it, you ask?  A bookshelf made of a vinyl rain gutter!  And if I had the space, I might just line an entire wall with these because I think they display books in such an attractive and winsome manner.  Just like when you go to a library or bookstore and you see the faces of books looking right at you and they beg you to pick them up and open the pages.

But not only do they hold books.  They also hold a few of a child's beloved treasures, like dolls and stuffed animals in our case.  And I love how they hold the books upright.  No more trying to find bookends to hold up the stack of books that wants to keep falling over.

I thought this was a grand way to make the most of the limited space a bunk bed has.  It was a great father-son project for my Warriors.  And it was easy!  Delightful and lovely and my Princesses are happy.  Mama is also happy for organization and no more book piles on the bed.  Maybe I should put some of these next to my bed?  I have a hard time containing my own pile of books!

For a tutorial on how to make these, visit here .

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