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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day Journal--Holy Week Preparations

This week has come so quickly this year.  I've felt guilty that I am not better prepared--particularly in my heart. I do realize this is a season of life that is busier than others as I care for our sweet little baby.  It demands more occasions where sleep tends to trump other things (like getting up extra early in the morning).  Yes, sadly, it even means I'm not doing so well at preserving my Bible reading times.  At the same time I'm not letting myself off the "hook."  I am challenged as well to think about the use of my time and whether I am letting other things get in the way of what is truly important.  This is a good week to consider and ponder my habits.  I am truly thankful for the moments God gives me and the opportunity to remember.

I think holidays are all about the key word--REMEMBER.  God says it to His people over and over (and over) again.  He knows we are oh, so prone to forget!  I think the church year is all about a continuous cycle of remembering.  So we are setting about with what time we do have this week to remember.

Today it is raining.  Quite a spring rain it is.  My resident weather forecaster says it is supposed to be beautiful this weekend and I'm so excited!  I don't think we've had weather like that for Resurrection Day in several years.

Today is a day for being busy in the kitchen.  One of our annual traditions (and one that my Tender Warrior is especially fond of).....the making of chocolate-peanut butter eggs!!  (Loud cheers heard all around)  I think I'll be doing this more for his special treats now that I've seen the film Food, Inc. and saw, not surprisingly, that his favorite candy likely contains GMO food in it!.  My country girls were hard at work and, with some help from the youngers, did this all themselves.

I worked alongside them catching up on some bread making (and experimenting).  I love No-Knead breads, particularly sourdough.   I make them at least once a week.  Today it's a Steel Cut Oat recipe.  The pizza dough is also No-Knead now (and how I DO love it!)  So I thought I would experiment with our regular sandwich bread.  It was fun to do and looked pretty good going in to the oven, but not as lovely coming out.  Oh well...I'm sure it still tastes good! Who couldn't love a kitchen filled with the aromas of bread and chocolate all in one day???

I think he's starting to develop an affinity after his Daddy's own heart already (though right now he would much rather have the spoon)!

Working on some little special things for Sunday morning surprises (so no photos to spoil them).

Enjoying the letters from my treasured friend who recently went to Europe--and savoring all the memories it brought back of our own trips there.

Reading aloud together--our daily ritual that draws us into a one-piece life, as Ann so beautifully christened it.  Today we are reading "The First Easter," "Passion Hymns for a Child's Heart," "Pilgrim's Progress (Christiana's Story)," and "Lassie Come Home."

Then there are the everyday moments--laundry, asking a child to cup their hand over their mouth (Proverbs 30:32) because they have spoken ill toward a sibling....changing diapers, learning about how to cut hair better because we are in the midst of needing haircuts in various family members, treating coughs and colds, helping older children with homework for an upcoming government class, reminding little children it is "quiet time" and not "loud-and-noisy" time....the litany of the everyday IS beautiful!

Observing the crash scene on the floor...gotta love the world of boys and their imaginations!  Hmmm....a tank, a race car, and one of David's mighty tell me what happened here.

I'm also boiling a chicken on the stove to make broth.  Tomorrow we will have our own adapted (simple) observation of a Passover Seder and the traditional Chicken-Matzoh Ball soup that I make each year.  As it simmers on the stove, I've been thinking of a particular friend...and giving thanks that she is back at home after the displacement that came from a boiled chicken smokeout.

Considering a centerpiece for our table that is meaningful in calling our hearts to remember this week.

Praying for friends who have little ones with whooping cough--wishing I could do more to help.

And now my kitchen timer calls me back to the kitchen so I'll be signing off on this day's journal.

Wishing you a week of blessed contemplations!

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