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Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's Tilling Time!

"Under the Sunflowers"--by Robert Duncan

A glorious weather day and a break in the rain.  In spring that means the perfect opportunity for preparing the gardens. Over the winter we like to plant a cover crop to nourish the soil throughout the winter and help hold up the soil during winter rains.  That cover crop was starting to get rather long (and don't you know, I forgot to take a picture!).  We had to mow it or weed-whack it to get it down to a manageable level to be tilled down into the soil.  Next it's time to apply some granular lime for calcium.  Again, the soil generally likes a calcium boost after the rains and it helps protect the tomatoes from blossom end rot. 

All  hands were busy.  This sweet one begged me for something to do...out came the rake just her size!

Bless this girl!  We had fun learning how to use this tiller and she set to work turning under the ground cover.  She who dreams of a working farm Joel Salatin-style (but for now is learning to be content with the 'ol suburban homestead).  She reminds me that his advice is to do SOMETHING with what you have!  That we CAN do.

And there's my next-in-line Country Girl whose dreams are shared with her sister's.  She sets to work getting some seeds in the ground and considers how on earth to keep those free-ranging chickens out of her seeds!  As much as she loves her hens, they have a knack for getting into trouble and ruining some hard work.  I think she tried some kale, lettuce, spinach and carrots.  She reminds me that our seed packets are a bit outdated and that we better think about ordering some more (and make it snappy please!)

Hey, this makes playing in the dirt fun!

And my diligent mowing boy gets the job done in spite of some thick grass still holding in quite a bit of moisture!

Sometimes I wish you could take moments and hold them--maybe wrap them in a pretty package or something and keep them forever.  I suppose that's one reason I blog.  It's my small attempt to do just that.  Well, the other day I came in upon this conversation:

Princess2:  "DON'T SAY 'AIN'T!'" (I'm teaching her well, eh?)
Princess1:  "NO, I'M JUST READING WHAT THE BOOK SAYS!" (as she reads the front cover of the much-anticipated library book-on-hold that sister is reading)

Another precious moment was captured when I asked Princess1 to do her regular chore of emptying the dishwasher.  She was busy, so my sweet littlest Princess jumped in and did it for her!  Of course I praised her for such an excellent job.  She declared she wants to take over this job, proclaiming "I can't  wait to empty the dishwasher!"

(The next day.....)

Princess2:  "OH, GOODIE!"

I just want to take that enthusiasm and package it up.  I just love how little ones take delight in doing real work and how something as simple as emptying the dishwasher can bring a sense of worth and belonging to their little world.  I hope she will somehow remember it when she gets older and is tempted to complain about her work.....(like we are all apt to do from time to time).

"To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven...

A time to plant....

A time to keep...."
                                                                      ~Ecclesiastes 3

This is a season in which some of my favorite times are being marked!

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