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Friday, June 1, 2012

A Glorious Little Getaway

With the coming of Grandma for a sweet Princess's birthday, this week, Tender Warrior and I were able to plan our annual anniversary trip away.  Our anniversary is not until later this summer, but we take the opportunity to plan a trip anytime between May and September when it works best with schedules.  This summer is particularly busy, it seems, so we wanted to make sure we planned this time before time was eaten up!  (As it has a tendency to do).

We have believed strongly in these times away ever since we were first married.  But can I tell you that it has definitely not been an easy thing to protect and preserve?  Furthermore, there was a recent time in our marriage where we let FIVE whole years pass by with not a single one!  I can scarce believe it.  It was a period where it just seemed difficult.  I think I wanted him to plan it and sometimes resented having to do it myself, thinking it didn't matter so much to him (miscommunication).  Then there was the flurry of babies, nursing, a deployment, and having young children without strong support networks to feel comfortable leaving them.  To be fair, we DO indeed have dear friends close by who are always generous to offer to watch our children--and our children have such wonderful times together!  I think it was more that we didn't want to burden them with extra work.  But was a matter of maturity, I think.  We slowly "talked" ourselves into thinking we would do fine without it (though we both missed it terribly) and that time would come later.  In retrospect, we both regret having done so.

Three years ago in advance of a second deployment, we renewed our commitment to time away.  And how precious it has been.  Can I let you in on a little secret?  It really is OKAY to take a little baby with you!!  I still remember several years ago how a dear friend and her husband would go away (to one of the places they referred us to, which is now one of our favorite places to go) and they would take their newest baby with them, because Mama cannot leave a nursing baby (or maybe even Mama is not ready to leave baby just yet).  Somehow there were years where I bought the cultural line that "thou must get away from all children!"  If you are a mother of several children, you come to find out that having just one wee baby with you feels like quite a vacation!!  I've found that it is far better to take baby with than to not do it at all because it's the year (or two) of baby nursing.  So take heed, I urge you!  Even if it isn't perfectly ideal and without interruption, it is far more wonderful than going without!

We had a most delightful time.  We so enjoyed staying in and relaxing.  We did not wish to go out to eat.  We had everything right where we were.  We made simple, but special meals.  One morning, Tender Warrior even made breakfast look just like we were at a B&B!  A fruit plate, Greek yogurt with granola in a bowl, and scrambled eggs topped with spinach and goat cheese with a side of buttered toast.  Our room was lovely--it looked right at the ocean from our dining room table, had candles, was quiet, and had ample room for baby to play on the floor and make noise without us worrying we would disturb other people.

Littlest Warrior was quite happy to take almost all of his naps on the front of Daddy as we walked the beach.  We didn't mind, as we could stay out there for hours.  Did I tell you that God blessed us with amazingly PERFECT weather?  Not a breath of wind in this usually windy place!  The last day we were happy in short sleeves and cropped pants and bare feet!  We took MANY wonderful walks.

 This tree stump, washed up, was just the right size for my Warriors to rest.

Sunsets were magnificent and glorious, as always.  How my love and admiration grows for my husband each day and year!  I am so amazingly blessed.

Littlest Warrior's first trip to the ocean meant taking lots and lots of pictures (as if I wouldn't have otherwise?  I don't think so!  But it's a good excuse!)

And what's vacation without a little indulgence?  This was our ice cream of choice on this trip.  Sweet times and sweet memories with some sweet dessert = just right!

I am so thankful for this precious time away.  I loved just being together without the pull of meals to plan, laundry to do, emails to answer, school to do, a house to manage.....very helpful to rejuvenate my spirit.  It rejuvenates both of us, especially since our beginnings together came at the ocean shores (how many times I have thanked God for such a gift!).  I appreciate how Sally Clarkson often offers reminders to mothers to do those things that help them persevere for the long haul in the things that matter most(marriage and family relationships).  This is one of those things for me.

Of course, it never seems long enough.  But I am wholeheartedly grateful to have it at all.

I sign off today with gratitude and praise to the Lord who gave us such a gift in so many ways!

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  1. Looks like a relaxing time. Our getaways with just a newborn in tow, still felt like a getaway to us.



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