Beautiful Day

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Beauty....and Some Hard Work

Speaking of beauty....isn't this incredible??!!

We went on a visit to Mom's while my Tender Warrior was very busy running a long relay with his Guard team. That meant just over 20 miles of running in less than 24 hours with minimal sleep and lots of sitting and riding in between (we last did one of these together in Idaho quite a number of years ago, so I remember some of what it's like). In the days prior I enjoyed putting together food and supplies to keep him well-fueled and cared for--like protein bars and healthy jerky (as in no nitrates!), fruit, yogurt, banana bread, a couple of dinners, and Recharge to drink. Ahhhh....if only I knew about this kind of nutrition back in my running days (just ask me how many times my friends laughed, kindly of course, at my daily wheat bread and carrot sticks!)

The children and I had fun enjoying the acreage, taking walks, reading on the deck, riding in wagons, shooting BB guns, playing in Nana's hot tub, going to yet another county fair where our nephew's pig was on exhibit, visiting friends at a horse camp, and looking at those gorgeous mountain views all of the time. Every time I visit here I have to say one of my most poignant memories and the thing I anticipate is watching the sun set over the mountains to the point where they make those beautiful silhouettes. I think my next favorite thing is to sit in the porch swing, close my eyes, rock, and feel the summer breezes (it is usually breezy in the evenings). My Country Girls like to dabble in photography (kind of like me) and never could seem to snap enough different pictures of the mountains at various times of the day.

Warrior got to be the last runner, which meant he crossed the finish line for the team (they all joined him for the last 50 yds or so). We met him there to cheer him on and our Young Warrior ran out to meet him and cross the finish line with him. To me it was a picture of father-and-son discipleship. The son trains alongside his father to run the "race" of life for the glory of God. It's hard work. Someday that baton of faith will pass from father to son. And while the son carries on that mantle and that heritage throughout his life, someday they will meet at the finish line and cross over together.

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