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Monday, August 22, 2011

Preparations (of the Sewing Variety)

This summer I have enjoyed a little extra time to be busy at my sewing machine. Sometimes being impatient for final results (or to check a project off my "to-do" list), I love the invention of the sewing machine! I really can't imagine the days of hand-sewing an entire dress. Though I enjoy handiwork types of projects, I can be very SLOW at them. I just don't have a lot of extra time on my hands (literally and figuratively). So I find sewing very satisfying. If I want to take the time to make something that takes extra effort, like the colonial dresses we wore to Williamsburg, I can do that.

And then I can go for those quick-to-do projects that give me the satisfaction of something DONE in a reasonable amount of time. Lately that has been practical things like nursing covers, flannel baby wipes, and hooded baby towels. The latter I like to keep a stash of for new-baby gifts.

Our Littlest Warrior is due to make his appearance quite soon. I like to make something of heirloom quality for each child. It usually ends up being more than one item. But I've had to adapt what exactly those items are as life has changed and I've gotten "older" and have more to manage at home. For example, I don't really cross-stitch anymore. I think I'll have the one done for Princess 2 by the time she is married if I'm lucky! I just don't have the patience and time for it that I once did. So I've changed to a more manageable project and one that helped me learn a skill I wanted to learn--a baby quilt! Now I am no expert quilter and if you looked closely at my work you would find that the actual quilting in the quilt is minimal. I still have MUCH to learn in that department. But I like these because they are small, very manageable, still creative, and personal (and don't require lots of quilting). So I just finished this one:

I really love it! Sort of a vintage patriotic Civil War theme.

And while we're talking about do-able projects on the sewing machine, I can't help but show you these sweet gifts from my very dear friend.

I think the gift bag is almost as sweet as the blankets!

So now that I have a few projects moved from my "to-do" list to the "done" list, I am feeling the need for preparations of the heart variety--a new school year, a new baby, a new season--just some of the occasions calling for some extended time to think, pray, plan and ponder.

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