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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall in all its Beauty and Fun

This past week I have still been trying to rest a lot. Which means I don't get to participate in some things. But on the other hand I get nice blessings like cuddling a newborn and having a husband who takes the children on fun outings, leaving me with an amazingly quiet house for a few hours. That has a beauty all its own.

We have had a week of glorious sunny fall days. I LOVE these! Truth be told, it is rather hard for me to contain myself and MAKE myself stay quiet and rest when the outdoors are beckoning me and I recognize there won't be many more of them before the gray, rainy days come. And then I will have to wait until spring for more sunshine. I am learning to be content with the seasons. This is a season to be quiet and give my body (and soul) rest. It is altogether too fleeting and I know it will be gone in a heartbeat. I have learned to savor these moments with my babies because now that I also have older children I know how fast these moments are gone! I don't wish them away at any great speed. As my children are fond of saying to the littlest babes, "You can't grow up."

So I am browsing photos and I came across such beauty in my daughters' photography. I am enjoying my fall colors in a little different way perhaps. The children went with Daddy to a local pumpkin farm that is host to lots of fun activities. They had a wonderful time being active in the fresh air and sunshine, choosing pumpkins for decorations and baking.

In the meantime, I have had even more blessings. I have a very dear friend who sent a gift on the occasion of our littlest Warrior's birth. But it wasn't just that she sent an adorable camoflauge jacket for him. It was that she chose to bless me with a sweater. I can't tell you how much that blessed me! Baby gifts are delightful. But to be thought of personally in the midst of it all and to be graciously given a gift of beauty as a mommy of many just ministered deeply to my heart! (Thank you, dearest friend!)

We ended our week with a wonderful time of fellowship celebrating the Reformation. I was so thankful to be able to go and visit with local friends I cherish spending time with. The children had great fun as well. Good food, sweet fellowship, laughter over sweet children's skits about the Reformers, pumpkin couldn't get much better! The amazing thing is that with several families with many children amongst them, all were quite healthy and no one had to cancel! Hurray! I love celebrating the Reformation too. A fun way to learn history and bring glory to God in an otherwise "dark" holiday time.

Beauty comes in many forms. How precious it has been to see the places of beauty all around me that God has given. Especially in places and through means I did not expect.

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